Important notice: If you ordered and/or paid for a tuner or LED-meter and did'nt receive anything sofar, please contact me through hans @ remeeus . eu

We will check your order and payment and keep you informed.

Please know that there will not be made tuners anymore, only LED-meters.

Orders for LED-meters please send to info @ lltuners . nl

73, Hans PA0Q.



Prices of LL-Tuners products

LED Meter Basic: 49 Euro

LED Meter de Luxe CI-149: 149 Euro

Shipping of LED Meters inside Europe: 7.50 Euro

Shipping of LED Meters outside Europe: 15.00 Euro

Prices include 21% VAT


Prijzen van LL-Tuners produkten

LED Meter Basis-49: 49 euro

LED Meter de Luxe CI-149: 149 euro

Verzendkosten LED Meters binnen Europa: 7,50 euro

Verzendkosten LED Meters buiten Europa: 15,00 euro

Prijzen zijn inclusief 21% BTW



Preisangaben zu den LL-Produkten

LED Meter Basis-49: 49 Euro

LED Meter de Luxe CI-149: 149 Euro

Versandkosten LED Meters innerhalb Europa: 7,50 Euro

Versandkosten LED Meters auserhalb Europa: 15,00 Euro

Preise verstehen sich inkl. 21% MWSt.